Boost France Flag Edition

Boost France Flag Edition

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  • BOOST France is a tennis racket in the national colors of France from the BOOST line collection.  This updated version of BOOST UK used the WOOFER SYSTEM technology. It is the first and most effective frame-to-string linkage system. It provides longer ball-to-string contact for greater control and a sense of comfort.

    The racket is made of graphite - a fairly lightweight but strong material. Has a weight of 260 grams and a special string formula 16x19. This formula minimizes stress on the wrist and shoulder during play. The racket is ideal for advanced players looking to hone their skills and gain complete control over the game.

  • Head size & Length   Weight (unstrung) & Swing weight



    Stringing Pattern Stiffness (RA) Section Comp. Rec. string & Rec. grip



    102 in² & 27 in 260 g & 277 340 mm 16/19 70 23-26-23 Graphite Syn Gut/Xcel & Syntec Uptake 23-25 Kg