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From your first steps on the court to the pro circuit, Babolat has the racquet for you. Our tennis racquets are designed to let you have fun and play your best tennis game. Join the millions of players around the world who have discovered Babolat's most popular racquets, depending on what you're looking for: the Boost range if you're just starting out, the Evo range for regular play at an intermediate level, and finally, the Pure range for advanced players. Last but not least, the BallFighter range has been specially designed for young boys and the B Fly range for girls. Follow the best players on the threshold of their careers, such as Rafael Nadal, Carlos Alcaraz, Holger Rune, Félix Auger-Aliassime, Dominic Thiem, Leylah Fernandez and many others, by choosing a Babolat tennis racquet.

A complete range of tennis racquets for all levels of play

At Babolat, we're committed to providing high-quality tennis racquets for adults, juniors and children. We offer a range of racquets for every level of play. If you're new to tennis, choose racquets from the Boost range, which are lightweight and very maneuverable. If you play regularly, at an intermediate level, the Evo range is for you. And if you play at an advanced level and strive for competitive performance, choose racquets from the Pure range. The Pure range is also available for our junior and child players, to which are added the B Fly and Ballfighter ranges designed especially for young beginners.

Tennis racquets for every play style

The Boost range has been specially developed for tennis players who want racquets that are easy to handle. Because of their graphite structure, these tennis racquets are lightweight and easy to play with, making it easy to learn and improve, while enjoying the game.

The Evo range has been designed for tennis players who like to take on physical challenges and push themselves. These tennis racquets offer greater comfort, enabling players to perform better on the court.

Whether you're a fan of spin, control, precision or power, the Pure range is for you. This range is popular with our greatest players and includes the Pure Aero, Pure Drive and Pure Strike models.The Pure Aero is ideal for players who want to add spin to their shots. The Pure Strike is designed for players who want control and precision, with a focus on touch and control. Finally, the powerful Pure Drive offers versatility both at the baseline and at the net.

Features of our tennis racquets

The racquets Boost range, designed for beginners and occasional players, offers very lightweight racquets for greater maneuverability and control. Sold already strung, these racquets make learning to play tennis fun and easy.

The Evo range of tennis racquets incorporates state-of-the-art technologies to optimize your performance. The aeromodular frame with Spin Alpha technology makes it easy to generate spin and obtain increased power with less effort. Evo Feel technology, with SMAC EX viscoelastic material, reduces vibrations for exceptional comfort. The Woofer system ensures precise control and optimum comfort.

The racquets in the Pure range are designed for competitors. The Pure Aero models offer stunning spin and an excellent feel in your hand. These racquets are available with two different head sizes and various string patterns. The Pure Strike, on the other hand, features a smaller head size and a tighter string pattern for better ball control. This racquet is suitable for more aggressive players who want a high level of control. The Pure Drive with its unique string pattern combines explosiveness and incomparable feel for players who want power.

All our tennis racquets are essentially made of graphite or aluminium to ensure lightness and performance. Of course, string choice has a considerable influence on a racquet's performance. It is therefore essential to pay particular attention to this aspect, especially if you choose an unstrung racquet. As a pioneer in tennis racquet string design, Babolat offers a wide range of state-of-the-art strings, such as RPM for spin, Xcf for comfort and Touch VS, a natural gut string, for a combination of power and feel.

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