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Babolat RPM Soft: comfort & durability - the best of mono and multifilament strings

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

While control, power and durability come high on the list of priorities for most tennis players, spin, comfort, and feel are making up lost ground. String choice plays a pivotal role in delivering these player benefits. The driving force behind all racquets, strings account for 50 percent of performance and can make or break the perfect stroke.

Babolat’s innovation team were determined to better meet the needs of different players by launching RPM Soft: a new string in the RPM monofilament range that offers more comfort than other monofilaments while still providing greater durability than multifilament strings.


Since its launch in 2010, competition players looking to maximize spin have overwhelmingly chosen the RPM range. Polyester or copolyester “monofilament” strings offer unparalleled spin and outstanding string life. No wonder they account for more than 70 percent of European sales!

Like Fabio Fognini, Dominic Thiem, Félix Auger-Aliassime and Rafael Nadal, the RPM range is targeted at powerful players demanding total confidence in the durability of their strings. But not everyone has Rafa’s arm to realize the true benefits of typical monofilament strings.

Babolat was determined to meet the needs of multifilament players transitioning to monofilament strings or who want greater durability, but also players who regularly use monofilament strings and need a product that’s more comfortable and less demanding on the arm but still more durable than a multifilament string. For all these players, the brand has developed RPM Soft - the only monofilament string in the range that comes close to the unique comfort of a multifilament string.

Building on two years of R&D and countless field and laboratory tests, RPM Soft delivers a sensation comparable to a multifilament string on impact, while offering 38 percent* more durability.

Its polyamide central core adds flexibility for heightened comfort and dynamism. An intermediate copolyamide layer with aramid powder lengthens string life, while an outer layer containing silicon eases string movement, making it ideal for spin.

*Babolab Test January 2021


It requires insightful expertise, field observation and close attention to player needs to develop a range with advanced string performance adapted to all player types. The inventor of the first racquet strings in 1875, one year after Walter Clopton Wingfield introduced the rules of lawn tennis, Babolat has been building on its talent for expertise and innovation for almost 150 years.

Babolat strings are available in three main families: the bestselling monofilament strings in the RPM range for spin anddurability, the multifilament strings in the Addixion & Xcel ranges featuring a flexible polyamide structure for greater elasticity and comfort, and 100% natural gut strings in the Touch VS range for outstanding ball feel, power, and lasting tension.

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